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About Us


Our History

Our History

Our History

Red Dot Foundation Global was founded in 2017 in the United States to support the work on sexual violence.


Our Mission

Our History

Our History

Ending violence against women and girls using crowdsourced data, community engagement and institutional accountability.


Our Team

Our History

Our Team

ElsaMarie D'Silva - Founder & President

Lauren Anderson - Board Chair

Suzanne Goodney Lea - Board Director & CEO

Eirliani Abdul Rahman - Board Director & COO

Supreet K Singh - Board Director

Sally Munemitsu - Board Director

Gillian D'Souza - Director Partnerships

Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards 2017 

How to Use the Safecity Mobile App

Our Work

Prevention of Sexual Violence on College Campuses in USA & UK

Prevention of Sexual Violence on College Campuses in USA & UK

Prevention of Sexual Violence on College Campuses in USA & UK


We have engaged college students, professors and administrators on sexual violence prevention through research, workshops, lectures and the Safecity app at the following Universities:

Yale University

University of Denver

Regis University, Denver

University of Maryland

University of Southampton, UK

Safecity Kenya - Partnership with Polycom Development Project

Prevention of Sexual Violence on College Campuses in USA & UK

Prevention of Sexual Violence on College Campuses in USA & UK


Through a partnership with Polycom Development Project in Kibera, Nairobi, we have been able to work closely to address sexual violence amongst young girls. Solutions have involved use of community radio & involvement of religious & community leaders. 

You can support our work in Kenya here - https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/mapping-sexual-violence-in-kenya/

Safecity Trinidad & Tobago - Partnership with Ms. Brafit

Prevention of Sexual Violence on College Campuses in USA & UK

Safecity Trinidad & Tobago - Partnership with Ms. Brafit


Safecity is partnering with Ms. Brafit in the Caribbean. Our first campaign  #PlayItSafe addresses sexual violence during Carnival and other public celebrations. Do join us if you have ideas in other parts of the Caribbean. 

You can also support our work in the Caribbean here - https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/a-carnival-free-from-sexual-violence/

Safecity Malaysia

Recent & Upcoming Events

Safecity Trinidad & Tobago - Partnership with Ms. Brafit


Sisterhood Alliance is a Malaysian NGO focusing on empowering young girls through various methods including workshops, seminars, talks, and special activities. Part of its content is sexual harassment awareness which has been supported by Safecity™ since year 2017 with larger target audience that includes women from different demographics. Besides raising awareness through talks and seminars, they have been collecting data related to public sexual harassment through both manual and electronic. 

Advocacy & Policy

Recent & Upcoming Events

Recent & Upcoming Events


We are part of the following international networks and coalitions

  • ECOSOC accreditation at the UN
  • World Urban Campaign (UN Habitat)
  • SUM4ALL at World Bank
  • Vital Voices
  • Rotary Peace
  • UNAOC's Intercultural Innovation Award
  • The Global Diplomacy Lab (German Federal Foreign Office)
  • Peace & Collaborative Development Network
  • Alliance for Peacebuilding

Recent & Upcoming Events

Recent & Upcoming Events

Recent & Upcoming Events


We will be speaking and participating at the following international events.

  • 10th World Urban Forum, Abu Dhabi 10-12 February 2020
  • Fireside chat on Inclusive Urbanism on 1 April 2020. bit.ly/inclusivecitiesseries

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Partnerships & Collaboration

Partnerships & Collaboration

Partnerships & Collaboration

We cannot solve the issue of sexual violence alone. We have a range of partners from NGOs, Corporations, Government and Media. 

Our Partners work in Malaysia, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon and Nepal.

Our founding organisation is in India with presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Patna, Ahmedabad and Pune. 

Do get in touch if you would like to start a Safecity chapter in your city and country.



Partnerships & Collaboration

Partnerships & Collaboration

We conduct the following workshops:

- Gender sensitivity amongst teenagers

- Prevention of sexual harassment & discrimination at the workplace

- Diversity and Inclusion in organisations

- Understanding consent & healthy relationships


Break the Silence

Partnerships & Collaboration

Break the Silence

- Report sexual violence using our Safecity app (Android and iOS)

- Be an active bystander and report sexual violence

- Ensure your company has the right policies for gender equality and safe work environments

Get in touch with us should you need our expertise in any of the above areas


Cultural Partner at Architecture Movie Awards, 2020

With our focus this year on Inclusive Urbanism, Red Dot Foundation is happy to support the 2A City-Architecture Movie Awards.

The 2A City-Architecture Movie Awards is founded by Ahmad Zohadi – CEO and the editor in chief of the 2A Magazine to honor architecture and movies. Mr. Zohadi firmly believes in creating awareness about gender equality through various forums. Few years ago, 2A magazine launched a special edition dedicated to woman architects and designers. 2A, in its role within the international media, believes that this unused potential should not be further ignored. 2A wants to promote the progress of women in all fields, especially in the architectural and design professions. Furthermore they particularly want to draw attention to the emergence of eastern women by helping to promote their ideas and works, and sharing their ideas and initiatives with the rest of the world. They celebrate movies demonstrating ancient, contemporary, and modern architecture, representing a blend of talent, idea, vision, as well as commitment. The 2A City – Architecture Movie Awards provide critics, theorists, and architectural philosophers with a new median for architectural expression as well as discussion. 

2A City – Architecture Movie Awards – The Vision

It is not easy to imagine cinema and movies taking place in a vacuum. Architecture is the panorama of films and cinema. Landscapes, houses, and cities comprise of the frames where filmmakers take account of people, lives, thoughts, and feelings. Their relationship, and in some cases, the results of this fusion are surprising – beyond doubt.

The architecture in the movies comes out as a backdrop of the scene or as a framework of the action. But it doesn’t just serve as a background to frame a film. It plays an enormous role in setting the disposition, the story, as well as the unseen shades in the movie. Specific environments give rise to certain feelings, as well as meanings. Even though not said through words, the visual spur of space makes us visualize and examine how the people in space work and move.

As the international audience grows, and new genres come into view, the 2A City – Architecture Movie Awards take account of more than just the film’s viewing. A lot of influential programs, lectures, as well as discussions, are to be organized that may add to the rational impact of the cinema and architecture. 

The esteemed jury!

At 2ACAMA, the board of judges comprises of the independent panel of adjudicators who are “renowned professionals” in the fields of architecture, business, film production, education, publishing, as well as culture.

Here is the list of their celebrated Jury Members.

  • Eva Sangiorgi 
  • Constanze Ruhm
  • Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi
  • Elise Feiersinger
  • Karl-Heinz Klopf

Sum and Substance

At 2ACAMA, they believe that film controls space just as architecture persuades film. So, 2ACAMA has been designed to identify movies that make dependable and significant contributions to humankind and built the environment utilizing the art of cinema. A stunning gamut of architecture and cinema lovers from all over the world would witness the event. The venue for 2ACAMA is Belvedere 21 in Vienna, Austria, on 5 June 2020.

The film registration for the 2A City – Architecture Movie Awards 2020 begins on Feb 15th, 2020. The registration deadline for the 2ACAMA 2020 is April 1st, 2020.

Click here to register.



Poster Contest as part of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives

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